• Special Touch

    Fifty-four percent of couples increase their budget during planning, with 45% allocating additional funds to wedding items they fell in love with along the way.

  • Planning

    67%-Bride, 14%-Groom, 13%-Parents, 6%-Other. We offer services to help keep stress levels and workloads to a manageable amount during your event planning process.

  • Coordinator

    1 in 3 couples hire a wedding planner for their wedding. The planner can help customize the event as well as finding ways to work within a budget.

*Statistics provided by WeddingWire.com

  • Budget

    80% of couples set a rough budget before they start planning, Couples budget around $23,000 but end up spending nearly $30,000 in reality.

  • Spending

    While it may not have been in the initial budget, 62% of newlyweds say they don’t regret the splurge and would spend the extra money again.

  • Color

    Pick your color scheme: 79% of couples incorporate their wedding colors into their floral arrangements.

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Custom Planning Options

Pick all the fine details for your event or have us pick them for you. 

Complete Color Themes

Pick a color or colors and have it radiate through all of your decorations. 

different Products

Over 300 different products to choose from.

different colors

Over 20 different colors so choose from. 


4 design specialists 

Floral Arrangements

Create custom floral arrangements to fit your event needs.

Linen Selections

Find all the linens that will make your event stand out. 


Custom centerpiece designs that will fit your event's style. 

Chair Decorations

Add some color and design to regular dull chairs. 

Color Selections

Pick the color schemes that will match your personalities. 

Candles and Lighting

Set the mood with a variety of candles and lighting options. 

Event Layout

Pick the best layout for your event. Customize your table arrangements to fit your needs. 

Event Themes

Pick and customize your entire event based off of the theme that you have chosen. 

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